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Email Services become the bloodline for any business. Employees and Business owners spend atleast 25% of their work time in reading, sending and managing their emails. This has compelled us to provide our customers with a robust & secure email platform.

We offer smart business email solutions which are secure, scalable and dependable. Our Email Server Platforms assure 100% email delivery all the time along with spam and malware protection to make sure you get clean emails in your inbox.

Increase your productivity and the best cost in the industry and take control of your business.

We offer Email Solutions which can be configured to your Desktop Mail Client, Mobile and Web Browser.

INR 500/user/year INR 1000/user/year INR 1200/user/year 1 GB Storage 5 GB Storage 15GB Storage Webmail Webmail Webmail 99.9% Uptime guarantee 99.9% Uptime guarantee 99.9% Uptime guarantee 24x7 email support 24x7 email support 24x7 email support

Add On Service

  1. Migration from other mailing systems.
  2. While you plan to move your email services to us, we can migrate your emails from your current mailing system and provide you an estimate.

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