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Copywriting and Content Writing

Copywriting and Content Writing

Is your website failing to draw customers’ inspite of a good design and online marketing initiatives? Is your Google ranking affected by choice of keywords? When no other strategy is fetching results, its time to review your content.

Why is copywriting important?

Content creates a conversation, shares information, educates, inspires and makes customers act. With the changing technology and pacing scenario, content has been the constant element that drives business.

Merely having a website is not equivalent to featuring on Google Ranking. Similarly, merely thinking of content does not mean you have a content strategy in place. How some businesses are driven for their uniqueness, services, style and visibility is story content can define.

Has Copywriting changed?

The last decade has seen a major shift from Print to Online media. Where copywriting was a game of power-packed lines, it’s now a business of words. Clear, concise, compact keywords that rule the online marketing domain. Keywords drive websites to better ranking and influenced business. The current scenario also demands good copies that speak length and depth about subject. Again, research-oriented copy with excellent analysis and made to act conclusions reflects the work of a good copywriter.

What do we do?

We offer holistic approach towards your Web solutions; copywriting being one of them. We are engaged with writers from various verticals and can deliver content solutions crafted for your business needs exclusively.

How does it work?

We deliver content solutions across every business need like Web Content Solutions, Blog Writing, Business Profiles, Case-Studies, Tag Lines, Ghost writing & e-mail campaigns etc.

We act by –
  • Researching on your target clients. Understanding their requirements, their tone and their requirements.
  • Generating a clever copy with an apt call for action.
  • Optimising the copy

What does it cost?

We build solutions across your budgetary requirements. Being a 360 degree marketing firm we engage with clients for a holistic solution.

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