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Mobile App Design and Development

Mobile App Design and Development

The mobile market is app driven, generating sizable numbers of apps catering to services known and rare. In such an event, companies are investing their money on the mobile apps developments.

How is it that we can help you in developing Mobile Apps?

Clients download apps that are either utility based, entertaining, informative or visually appealing. Our contribution here is building interface designs that are pleasing and with complementing experiences that are rewarding.

Further for reaching the app store and being ranked the best, we will optimize and market your brand under one consolidated solution.

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What do we recommend?

The choice is to opt for Native or Hybrid Mobile Apps

Native apps are integral to the device and respond through icons on the device. They can be installed through Apps Store ( Android or Apple). Native Apps can work offline by integrating with the device's features like GPS, microphone, camera, contacts etc. They are triggered by the device's notification system to work offline.

Hybrid Mobile Apps are cost effective as compared to Native apps. However, they are slightly low performance based as compared to Native Apps.

Hybrid applications are part native apps and part web apps. They are web apps hosted on native browsers. Hybrid apps are developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript and then moderated by native apps. When developed well, the hybrid apps looks and feels like native apps. As they depend on native browser, they are not as fast and efficient as native apps.

While hybrid app development is simpler, faster and easier to maintain.

We have created amazing iPhone, iPad and android apps and can bring some brighter and smarter apps to your use with our experience.

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