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Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Why create a website when your prospective or target buyers cannot locate it?

When you are planning to launch your products online, there should be a prototype established to position your product/ service to gear up for better visibility and ranking on google.

The initial launch phase is crucial and our SEO team can guide you stage-wise through the development process in establishing 100% results. Our recommendations are in line with the online positioning approach.

Our team consistently remains updated on the latest trends & patterns in the SEO industry and we pride ourselves in delivering complete range of services and all the frequent changes in the SEO domain.

What will it cost me?

Basic SEO does not attract any charges. Basic onsite optimisation can be achieved by title tags, robots.txt, canonicals and meta descriptions. While doing this basic process, your company is established in the online world. Major Web Development Companies do this as a mandate process for clients.

However, advanced SEO is for need based and target based results and comes with a price tag.

For advanced SEO requirements, we asses target markets for the client's product /services, find what your target audience is searching for and accordingly create and optimize your website landing pages.

Then we move a step ahead with driving keywords for your brand as well as business and pushing them to gain traffic on your site.

This might looks simple enough, but practically its not. Search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google are constantly seeking algorithm change. A lot of trend analysis, market research, patterns and algorithm study helps establish a productive approach. The parameters cannot be manipulated but observed and acted through a long process which is certainly result driven.

SEO is a productive investment which pays in the long run.

Our endeavour remains to bring the best to you through our experience and expertise.

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